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Sales & Marketing


Marketing Plan

A yearly plan defining all your marketing activities. Online, Social Media, promotions, special days or periods, fairs and trade, advertising campaigns, etc… This plan has to be thorough and accurate, budgeting will need this plan to be more precise.



Define your strategies and setup your measurement tools. How do you want to look compared to your competitors ? Within which price range ? Are you gonna be higher because your product is better and you think you can lead the pack ? Or do you prefer to skim the most possible guests even if they pay less ?

All strategies are valid, but they must be thought before they are implemented, and behind each and everyone of them, there must be a reflection and a reason for it.


Social medias

Have your social medias handled. Your social medias profile must be updated regularly, it's not much of whether there's something to say or not, but there must be something published. If yotheu don't occupy the place, someone else will.


SEO advertising campaigns

Fully equipped in term of technology, we can put in place your ads campaign for Google Ads, Facebook and so on. They'll be setup based on keywords linked to your business and will regularly be updated and monitored.

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