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You have choice either to have a Channel Manager which will handle your availability in a set of distribution channels (booking.com, agoda, expedia, …) in real time. Or you or your staff do it. If you go for the second solution, it requires more attention, if the sales are still open on one channel on a day where the hotel or one category of rooms is already full occupied, you will end up with some overbooking. It might sometime be difficult to handle and can lead to the kind of reviews nobody wants.


Website development

We are fully trained and able to come up with long term solutions for your website. Not through a website builder, but with real coding, each and every line of code being doing something, and having written those lines helps to fix in case of problem.



Nowadays there are on the market so many software solutions available to help you run your property, that the first difficulty is to select the right one. Knowing most of them for having worked with some, or discussed with colleagues who have worked with others, we can give you a valuable advice on which one would best suit your needs.

Property Management System (PMS)

A key software to run a property efficiently. It basically gives you an oversight of all your property's assets, rooms, finances, and so on. Some are going deep into detail, some are more focusing on certain parts. What all do is to plan your occupancy in term of rooms, room categories, booking channel, payment, etc.

Each and every PMS has its Pros and Cons, let us help you decide which one to choose.


A very efficient tool to know what happen in your F&B department. Which items are selling most, which items are low on demand, what has to be changed and replaced, what has to be kept. It's not anymore basing your future decisions on someone's feelings but no proper proof, “ask 5 employees what you sell most, and you'll get 5 different answers”, but on hard reliable figures.

Accounting system

Both POS and PMS have to be linked to a compatible accounting system. This factor has to be taken into account when selecting the software for your company.


Internet Security

It's important to know good solutions in term of security, it's not fun to be hacked and there are ways to prevent against it. Nobody likes the idea that someone, one day could look into his systems and get money redirect from your customer to some hacker. Let's work that out and prevent from any type of fraud.

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