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Luciano Lillus

Luciano Lillus

This award winning hotelier has started his career from the ground up.

Hands-on, result oriented, sales & marketing specialist and people oriented, Luciano's career paths have led him from Egypt to Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and Lao.

He has been a successful General Manager in large and medium properties, and as recently Cluster Manager, he has been in charge of several hotels at the same time.

He knows what makes the difference between success and failure, and he's ready to share his knowledge with SCS clients for their benefit, to help them turn their operations into a successful business.

Jean-Maurice Bertrand

Jean-Maurice Bertrand

As Luciano, Jean-Maurice has started his career from the ground up.

After several years as chef, he attended Geneva's Hotel Management School and graduated from there.

After many years, serving in different capacities, he was fortunate enough to climb the ladder until reaching the GM position.

He has worked in various countries and all hotel sizes, such as Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and he's now in Cambodia.

Having the same will to share and help hotel owners, he partnered up with Luciano to bring Success Consulting Asia to life.

His strength are structuring, finances, implementation of procedures and follow-up. He has a deep knowledge of how to respond to many kind of situations.

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